Faculty of Computer Science (FCS)

Department of Software Technology

Department of Software Technology

Department of Software Technology offered the following subjects for B.C.Sc. and B.C.Tech. Degree

(i)                 Introduction to Computer Systems

(ii)              Computer Application Technique I

(iii)             Data Structure

(iv)             OOP in C++

(v)              Java Programming

(vi)             Data Structure in Java

(vii)            PHP Programming

(viii)           Advanced Programming Techniques

(ix)             Artificial Intelligence

(x)             Computer Graphics

(xi)            Computer Organization

(xii)           Operating System

Name of Department Research Areas offered by Teaching Staff
Department of Software Technology Access Right Mechanism for Circulation   System of Computer University(Mandalay)
Agent Based Budget Prediction System for   Computer University(Mandalay)
E-Library System for Computer   University(Mandalay)
Computer Based Examination System for   Computer University (Mandalay) Campus
Web Application Infrastructure using 3-Tier   Architecture(for Computer University (Mandalay) Web   Site)
Role-Based Access Control System for User   Groups
Publication Paper Retrieval System using   Inverted Index Algorithm
A Chain Code Based Image Recognition System